Schedule 2017

"Schedule" is an installation that performs with space-light-sound and audience. Each element creates this work anew. Spectators are allowed to move freely in space, interact with light, be inside, in the centre of space. My main focus for this work was to explore the idea of sculpturing with light and air, to experience the performativity of Space. I wanted to find a way to sculpt the space and be sculpted by the space. The Spectators are the undeniable element that has their own life, moves unpredictable and bring the landscape of collectiveness and individuality. I see this work as one of many installations that I will create in time, to be able to combine them in one unit and experience as live-time cinematography.

Surface no.0 2013

"Surface no.0" is an installation site-specific. It was my first installation where I discovered an interest in "intuitive spaces". A concept that collects my old/new thoughts and practices which has started with this particular work. "Surface no.0" was my "zero" state, where I approach Space as a body with history and defined myself as someone who is collaborating with Space without any plan, assumptions or goals. In the begging, I was mainly improvising until the moment I realized I'm inside a very specific dialogue with its own vocabulary. I consider this work as something that can't be finished. As an ongoing installation. The places will change, spaces, context but the approach remains the same. I like to "interview" Space. See the environment, a place where is located, consciously lead my gestures towards them base on intuition. Kind of medium stays open. I definitely like drawing as medium that can release creativity-anywhere-anytime.

Background 2019

The main principle of the work is to appear outside. In public places, as installation, surrounded by architecture, already existing places, to create the potential "new architecture". The video is the first phase, the attempt to formulate the vocabulary. The elements are meant to respond to the place where they will appear. They are made as "couples" that can be placed every time anew among each other. The steadiness of „invisible” forms is meant to approach the mattery of architecture among the other landscapes with movement that comes with light, the sunlight and created light.
The „immaterial” shades and their movement meant to interact with other Spaces as blend and merge to another dimension, impossible architecture – the translucent potential in moving forms.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Paulina Prokop


I was born in 1989 in Poland. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan at Scenography Department. After four years and half a year of an exchange program in Latvia, I came to Amsterdam and studied at the Academy for Theater and Dance. I graduated in 2017 and in the same year I was honoured with First Harry Wich's scholarship for Scenography. SPACE has inexhaustible sources of questions and contexts, I see it as a continuum, as a non-negligible counterpoint for each work I'm creating. Space as Fundament to Draw, for discovering Light, to experience and analyze Time. My recent works are concentrated on Air and Light as mediums that sculpt the space, sculpt temporality. I'm interested in finding bonds between perception and irreality. The moment of suspension created during real-time events, stimulated by multidisciplinary collages n Space. When The Spectator creates own cinematograph

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