Wúrà 2021

Wura: this painting is inspired by the painting of old masters titled "The lady with a pearl earring". The idea is to borrow the poster of the old masters and re- interprete it in contemporary term. Just as the old masters, the lady in the painting is in her prime showing all the feminine virtue in her body language. Further from this, is to re- emphasis the virtue I have seen in my mother, and the purpolar sayings in Yorùbá land "Iya ni wura" which means Mother is Gold. This sayings is artistically illustrated in the painting where the inner part of the lady is made of Gold.

Black Lisa 2021

Black Lisa: This painting is made to re-examing the history in the time of colonialism in Nigeria. During the 18 century where majority of african nations is under the rule of the Colonial Masters. During that time, colonial masters present there ideas and culture to african as a superior thereby relegating our culture Value. The major hit is our Language and Dressing.
That is why the african signs and symbols are seen at the background to further illustrate our rich culture.
This piece is made to juxtapose the past and the present, showing elements known to colonial era and that of our current reality.
It also highlight the identity of blackness in our community.

Soul Sisters 2021

Soul Sisters: The concept of duality has been one of the theme that is often fascinating. This is what I tried to reteriate in this painting. In yoruba land, this concept of duality is often as a god of twins also known as Orisa Ibeji. Whenever they want to deposit this picture it's often seen in two cave image backing each other. This is to show that there are two different world shearing the same reality. It can also be liking to the zodiac symbol if Gemini which stands for twin or dual nature. In this painting I explore this idea in the posture and body languege of the two sister.

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Paul Ayihawu



Artist Bio
Paul Ayihawu is a self taught artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He uses diverse mediums and methods to express his art. Lately, he has been using charcoal, ink, recyled fabric, and acrylic as a form of re-media from conventional painting. He expresses his figures in Charcoal and the background in bright acrylic color. He is inspired by the works of James Marshall, Kehinde Wiley and Ndijeka Crosby in painting and the cultural of black people in new light.
He uses this art to tell the untold, unheard and silenced stories of Africans focusing on Nigeria. His work was selected for Joburg Fringe 2020 in south Africa and exhibited in Lagos Fringe 2020 in Nigeria. He has also partake in a number of virtual exhibitions both local and international level.

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