Undercurrent. 2017

After a dangerous sea crossing, a young Syrian girl faced with tragedy is forced to find hope. Undercurrent is a meditation on survival, grief and the outcome of war.

https://vimeo.com/207738509 password: ayda


Unseen. 2016

Through compelling visuals and recordings, UNSEEN explores the barriers Refugees face, the difficulty of being torn between two cultures and their need to be recognised. With the number of displaced people having reached over 65 million globally, this timely exhibit shines a light on those that need our support. Governments have a duty to help them, but with most wealthy countries still treating refugees as somebody else’s problem and hiding behind closed borders, poorer countries currently host an in- credible 86% of all refugees. UNSEEN challenges viewer’s perception by revealing the many barriers we must overcome.


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Patrick Fileti


Patrick Fileti is an award winning filmmaker & photographer. Born in Florence, Italy, Fileti was influenced early on by the sensibilities of European cinema culture. Growing up amongst the history, architecture and characters of the city, with a father who was a theatre director, drama and art were in his blood. Fileti's ambition to create purposeful & emotionally charged content is rooted in his belief that images speak to the soul of the viewer. His work is shaped by a passion for beauty, thought-provoking imagery and an intimate character. Fileti's ability to work intuitively with actors and real people alike to evoke heartfelt performances is key to the success of his work.

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