The Wild World II. 2017

The Wild World II. is connecting all the world including the most strong animals and keep world safe in its heart.

7 Days 2019

What if we can make things easy and light?

Black Horse 2020

He is gonna speak very soon.

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Patricia Slosiar


Patricia Slosiar is a world-renowned artist recognised for her beautiful acrylic paintings created with the energy of Earth and the Universe. Her words are whispering to you from the canvas and create more awareness, joy and wealth in the world.
She uses oil pastel, paper, wood and stones to create dynamic compositions.
Her works of art are an invitation to a different world where everything is possible. What if you can find what you have always been looking for? What if your body is able to dance with paintings and the Earth at the same time? What if this energy is what you deserve?
Patricia created a new stream, new ocean, new planet and you can be part of it.

Her works of art are exhibited all over the world from Las Vegas to New York, Lisbon, London, Prague, Bratislava, Zurich, China, Honk Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and many more cities.

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