One sh*t 2018

Plastic sheet, cow dung, liquid manure application machine, 2018
Tenna, Safiental (SWITZERLAND)

The work proposed is the documentation of a land-art work carried out in 2018 in Tenna (Canton of Grisons-Switzerland).
The work, created in the fairy-tale Swiss Alps, would be a metaphor of the impact that man can have on the environment not anthropized through agriculture and breeding, even in territories imagined as natural and alien by urban anthropization.
The military target, the symbol of the human necessity to direct and finalize its actions, is imprinted on the ground through the use of the most degraded element of agricultural/industrial production elevating its status as a symbol of the balance between life and death.
It’s all about shit.

Trace 2017

Environmental dimensions
jute, salt, water, algae 2017
Saline di Margherita di Savoia (ITALY)

A topographic element of uncertain size that, through the placement of a long jute carpet, lead the observer within the infinite landscape of the salt works.

The pink color of the algae in the water and the salt deposited on the carpet make impossible its perception, increasing the sensation of the uncertainty of distances.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Paolo Uboldi


I was born in July 1982 in Cislago (a village in the North of Italy).
I studied architecture and graduated in 2008 and actually I’m running my own architectural practice
called Up-a, but from 2014, thanks to a victory in an international land art competition, i started
working in the field of art.
I live and works in Milan, trying to fuse my two professional soul.
At the beginning, I worked principally in Italy participating in some group exhibitions and residency,
but from 2018 I started to focus on abroad residency trying to develop my artwork, trying to focus
more on my artistic intentions.
From the early works, I focused on the complexity of the relationship between man and context,
especially working with land art.
My intent is to propose alternative reading tools that make the relationship between man and space
more intimate and personal.

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