Machines of Dialogue -House of Parliament 2019

The sculptural work “Machines of Dialogue -House of Parliament” is a group sculpture composed from 9 till 25 units of pieces made in mixed technique of marble and silver-plated metal rod and towers formed by the black box packaging itself as a sustainability message. Each piece has dimensions of 20x12x28cm, the size of the set being 45x130x78 cm (height x width x depth). Signed by the Madrid sculptor Pablo Albertí (1962).

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Pablo Alberti de Frutos


Pablo Alberti, Madrid 1962, with a long artistic family -grandmother, father and brother- painters background began his works in sculpture combining this activity with the opposite world of Information Technology and Communications and nowadays he works as well as economist, business development for TIC companies and founded his own internationalization consultancy firm. Scenting world for spaces and corporates is the last activity.
He has over thirty years in the world of sculpture, modeling initially refractory, terracotta, stoned and metal materials with the support and teachings of other artists as Gonzalo Mendizabal, Jose Luis Fernandez, Benedicto Riesco, Ana Esmeralda Fernandez and very especially the sculptors Miguel Angel López Calleja and Eduardo Mazariegos.

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