The Great Barrier Reef 2018

Mural painted in the townsville australia aquarium, a tribute to the richness of the great barrier reef. year 2018

lacerthidus 2019

linocut / 90x 70 cm// Grabado en linóleo // (16/16) /

beyond the atom 2017

Large format mural, festival district graffiti, Bogotá Colombia.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

oswaldo trujillo


Visual artist born in the city of Bogotá – Colombia. From an early age he has developed a taste for illustration from which he built his graphic trend in urban art. His interest in biology has led him to question the possible origins of non-human life.

Through the personification of insects, the artist reflects what happens in imaginary and microscopic worlds, of what is not so visible before our eyes, such as viruses, bacteria, entomology and the possibilities of life in other worlds.

The illustrator and muralist from Bogotá, who has been painting in the streets since 2008, is constantly exploring techniques such as engraving, painting, modeling, drawing, and mural painting.
In his work there is a great interest in botanical explorations, biology, science fiction, ancestral beliefs, beings from the cosmos and alien paradises.
He participates in various festivals and exhibitions in Australia, Spain, France, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico.

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