Spachteln, Schleifen, Malen (He never wonders why he can fly) 2021

3-channel HD Video, synchronized, still, endless loop

Suddenly, he becomes a whirling dervish. He shouts, he sings, he is no longer afraid.

A l'atelier 2018

password : alatelier2018

2-channel HD video
12:17min, silent, loop

The studio, a space for working, living, dreaming, building, creating, a space for meeting and introspection, a personal and shared space, a space of emptiness, chaos, accumulation, a material space, an interior space, a space for research and letting go, an open and closed space.

À l'atelier happen close to the daily life of the artist in Berlin with video recordings of his journeys to and from his studio by public transport, day and night, and video recordings of moments of reading and daydreaming in his studio. Through collage, the walls of the studio free themselves from their condition of structuring, of elements that structure space, to become outside, movement, path, and to relate to introspection from within.

À l'atelier becomes a self-portrait where the movement of an outside is put in relation with the dreaming of an inside.

En attendant Daegu 2020

installation involving a serie of 7 videos, 4K, silent, endless loop, a printed PVC floor 430 x 300cm, and compositions with daily objects,- variable dimensions.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Oscar Veyrunes


Oscar Veyrunes (*1992 Grenoble, France) studied visual arts at the UdK in Berlin in the classes of Hito Steyerl and Robert Lucander. With his work he seeks to give shape to the processes that inhabit us and that shape our way of apprehending what surrounds us. In 2020, he was invited by Britta Schmitz to participate in the Daegu Photo Biennale with his work "À l'atelier". Following this he was invited to carry out a three-month residency from March to May 2020 at the Gachang Art Studio, Daegu, South Korea. For 2021 he has been selected for the exhibition La Relève III – Habiter, organized by the Plateforme Parallèle, at the Centre Photographique de Marseille with his installation "En attendant Daegu".

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