Flor de la sombra 2020

It is a painting that recalls the symbolic power that precedes us as an image prefixed by the hybrid convenience between species where it expresses loneliness, waiting, hope for beauty.

Layka 2020

the desire to conquer the civilizing impulse has reached life as a value of experimentation. This painting does not want to forget the bitch in space because we still hear her barks of incomprehension

BOCA 2020

It reflects a state of uncertainty and play that goes between the internal and the external through a language barrier due to the exchange of the body, its extinct appearance and the force of meaning. "Boca" resembles a laboratory of humor, the cynical and the mixture of confused directionalities in the direction of vertical as if looking at the entity.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

oscar salamanca



Summary Bio:
Oscar Mauricio Salamanca Angarita, Bucaramanga, Colombia 1968
Master of Fine Arts specialty painting, National University of Colombia
Art Student League, New York
San Carlos, UNAM, Mexico City
Ph.D University of Barcelona
Group exhibitions in the United States, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela,
Argentina, Cuba, Portugal, Principality of Andorra, Spain, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Israel and
23 individual exhibitions in the following countries: Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain.
He has been the winner of the 2008 Colombian Ministry of Culture Curatorial Research Grant
(imagined region) and 2014 (being in situation, piercing the context); scholarship for
artists Carolina Oramas from the Colombian government; Unesco scholarship; scholarship of the
Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico; II prize of the 1st art salón young man from the Santa Fe Gallery; Generation 2003 awards and scholarships from Caja Madrid, Spain and mention in

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