Once a saint 2019

Title: Once a saint (Sisi Eko series)

Medium: Mix media (Metal, Repurposed found object, Sawdust texture.)

Size: Inches- 108” x 45” x 45”.

Metres- 2.743 x 1.143 x 1.143

About: Once a saint is a two dimensional wall hanging relief sculpture. It is an assemblage of day to day tools, and materials within my environment; metal rods, sawdust, found objects in the form of a barbers clipper, and keys alongside an old fashion brass relic from the 60’s is merged in this female figure. Once a saint addresses how values of objects change based on use and relevance.

Moremi 2019

Moremi means courageous, she is a symbol of liberty.

Moremi was a figure of high significance in the history of the Yorubas in ile-Ife, Nigeria, West Africa. Born a princess, she was a courageous queen whose fame contributed to the victory of the Yoruba people over neighbouring oppressors.

Using metals, sawdust and found objects I recreated her in this piece as a symbol of blind justice against
sexism, prejudice or discrimination based on sex or gender, against women and the girl child.

Medium: Sawdust on Metal
Size: 36cm x 74cm

God, When? 2020

Title: God, when?

About: Diseases, climate change and inhumanity plagues the contemporary world, and we seek the face of God for a solution to all of these. In all these chaos, and quest for a solution, I have just one question. God, when?

Size: 53cm x 26cm x 26cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Onosanya Onolaja



Onosanya Onolaja (b. 1987) is a contemporary visual artist, who works primarily in sculpture. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His B.A. in Visual arts was received from the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos; where he majored in Sculpture. He is currently practicing as a studio artist.
Onosanya experiments with his use of metal materials as a conduit to express himself, his works explore subjects connected to the developing intersection of traditions, climate change, gender, and non-biodegradable materials within the ecosystem. By drawing references from different spheres of life activities, he creates sculptures through a labor-intensive process. His work is heavily informed by personal experiences and observations. and he is particularly interested in exploring sculpture as a non-conforming structure for expressing deep thoughts from the human mind as influenced by contemporary society.

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