My little big dreams 2018

A little girl have a big and strong dream. She knows exactly, what she wants, and has no reason not to reach it.

Winter. In deep thoughts. 2017

This picture is about woman nature power. She is just awake. No clear thoughts, just deep self-immersion. But she still keeps her internal light, that filling up the spase around her.

August, by the window 2016

A mild August is the time to think about yourself clearly and have a breath of fresh air to go further.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Olga Shablei


Born on 31 May 1983.
Graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V. Surikov in 2017.
A member of art union International art fund from 2017.
In 2017-2020 took part in art exhibitions in Russia, Holland and France.
My paintings are in private collections in Russia, Holland, Germany and USA.
I specialise on portrait, my portraits are the complete and alive pictures themselves, not just an image of a person. I express the deep charachters, strong feelings and thoughts of my heroes. It’s mostly the portraits of their souls.

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