After the Flood 2020

This series, titled «After the Flood», is a meditation on the fragile nature of all human foundations. It was born out of witnessing floods in Venice last winter, devastating for humans and buildings alike. I was looking for a direct, though not obvious connection between the cells of human bodies and bricks as the primal construction elements – long before the age of cement and glass. When Venice finally succumbs to the forces of elements, all of it current grandeur will end up at the bottom of the Adriatic. Eventually, the sea will bring to the shore remnants of former dwellings and glass factories, banks, art galleries, and churches.Those will not be unlike the sculptures in the series.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Olga Melehina


During the last seven years that I have been doing ceramics, I have experimented with various methods and techniques – from traditional wheel pottery to hand-built absrtact structures and from electric kilns to Japanese wood-firing. I use every opportunity to learn new ceramics and sculpting skills, participating in two to five symposiums/seminars per year. Some of my better pieces have participated in exhibitions. I enjoy collaborations both with my fellow-ceramists and with artists working with other media. Currently, my artistic pursuits include the use of raw clay in sculptures, large-scale terracotta installations. I live in Riga, Latvia, where I have a studio and am currently getting my MA in Fine Arts at the Latvian Academy of Arts ceramic department (the final two semesters of my studies being spent at the Venetian Academia Di Belle Arti, sculpture department). My creative efforts are shared between traditional pottery, modern sculpture and raw clay installations.

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