Appeasement 2020

Painting: Acrylic, Charcoal, Airbrush on Canvas.
Dimensions: 120*100*2,5 cm
Most of the people say “Eyes are the mirror of your Soul” that’s true for 100 %
But on my painting I want to show soul through the body shape, how the nature mixing with Goddess, charcoal gives the right sharpness and acrylic colors make this art so vivid.
I want to build and show how the light could be different, how to crash the rules of understanding.
You can feel the silence, u can feel the appeasement, u can feel how the vivid colors make it so vivid and so bright, every day u can see and feel the quite emotion, breath, live, feel…

Double Energy 2020

Painting: Acrylic, Charcoal on Canvas.
Dimensions:120*100*2,5 cm
From my new collection series “Child of five moons”

«Behind the scene, inside yourself, splited emotions, you are or she, she is or we, fly or fall.»
My purpose and my dreams to show how to be free and to be open with wishes and with nature, we are humans a big and at the same time a small part of universe , nothing happened for reason, we are all and we are nothing, be free be in harmony, be everything
My style now-days to be super open with movement, to be super flexible and free, I like to use acrylic and charcoal together to reach all stunning effect.
Enjoy my art and feel free to enjoy the life.

Finally 2020

Painting: Acrylic, Charcoal on Canvas.
Dimensions: 120*100*2,5 cm
Self portrait of my personality, finally I am on the right way and writing my past present future story, who cares, why, what when and yes…except yourself, believe in yourself, follow your dreams, live now…charcoal from my childhood is my favorite material to show the feelings and sharpness, acrylic oh man…there are no enough words to describe the feeling, just look at this amazing art, live with my art or allow to yourself except the difference

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Oleg Vecheria


I am a child of five moons was born in 1985 in small city of Novorossiysk on the shore of Black Sea.
Art children’s school by L.А.Gergieva Novorossiysk, Russia 1998
Novorossiysk State Marytime academy by admiral F.F. Ushakov 2007
Group exhibitions:
March Group exhibition, Lintas Generasi, art residency of Martin Sitepu, Bali Indonesia 2016
Group exhibition, Generation Cube: episode 1 Modern Romantics, art residency of Martin Sitepu, Bali Indonesia 2016
Personal exhibitions:
Personal painting exhibition by ‘Emotion Art’ Oleg Vecheria, ArtfullInk tattoo and art cafe, Bali Indonesia 2015
Personal painting exhibition “Goddess of Dreams” by ‘Emotion Art’ Oleg Vecheria, Arts&drinks design and delight ODD, Canggu Bali Indonesia 2016
Member in the following organizations:
From 2018 is a member of International Federation of Artists and created Artist’s Union of Russia
On my paintings I want to show to the people how I feel the universe

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