Come and be Going 2020

Come and be going is a popular Nigerian phrase. While obviously grammatical incorrect, it is how we let people around us know that our time to stay is up but that we still have somewhere else to be.
To me the term has always presented a colorful imagery of the start of something new. Whenever I heard someone say “let me come and be going” I always assumed that they were leaving to find something better, greener pastures if you will, which is what I try to represent here.

A love forged from Fire 2020

In Nigeria where gay rights are criminalized, it is not uncommon to see gay people burned alive as a form of jungle justice by holier than thou religious folk that inhabit the country.
With this piece I depict two lovers, lesbians, who in the midst of all the wickedness take comfort in their longing for each other. Out of the ashes of Nigeria’s hate, their love grows even stronger and rather than be burned out, their love is reinforced.

Glory 2020

Her spirit echoes with a sigh of relief
The shrill sound of her happiness is unnerving
A woman unstopped
Breaker of silence
Lover of self
Bask in her glory

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Oghenerume Ohimor



My name is Ohimor Oghenerume Yinkore and I am a self taught digital artist and illustrator, based in Nigeria. As a black woman, I represent in equal capacity, two of the greatest minorities in the world. So in a predominantly patriarchal world, I see the representation of women through my art not only an issue of preference, but an obligation. Since I started in 2017, I have participated in four group exhibitions within three countries Africa – Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. My art has also been used as the cover of Berkeley-Haas 4th Annual African Business Forum (2018), and I have worked closely on a digital campaign with Oxfam International as an illustrator. I have been featured in Teen Vogue, AccelerateTv, Agbowo Magazine and BlankMag NYC, amongst others.

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