Russian Empire 2019

“The Fall of Empires” project is a still life photography work that presents a series of dry and crumbled autumn leaves. The leaves are micro-representations of some of the greatest empires of human history, with each individual piece combining the materiality of a dry leaf with visuals borrowed from historical-political maps. The project employs analogy and symbolism rather than geographical accuracy; the shape of every leaf, its color scheme and distinct pattern of fractures and crumbling lines hint at a certain time in human history. The pieces are meant to be exhibited together as a series in order to convey a sense of historical repetition between eras and a quality of demise.

Attached here are 3 visuals out of the broader project, which I call “The Fall of Empires – Historical Atlas”.

Byzantine Empire 2019

Nazi Empire 2019

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Oded Levran


Oded Levran (b.1984, Tel Aviv) is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer based in Berlin. His work draws on photography and design to engage with metaphors, irony and language. Levran applies various medium and uses mix media in his work. He has presented in several galleries and exhibitions in Europe and Israel.

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