Nightlights 2020

These small paintings, installed with light fittings, continue my exploration of color in a new dimension. They bring an inner light to the story. In the process of creating them I imagined little light houses for the mind, guardians of missed memories. The works where past of my most recent show 'Mist Memories'.

Flimmer 2020

The relationship between memory and fiction is a theme that continues to surface within my work.In the process of creating I am interested in exploring how we navigate in the world through stories: how we narrate and construct our understanding, and the changes these stories undergo as we are informed by new knowledge and experiences. While much of my work is autobiographical in nature- I am interested in where personal memories blur to become emblems of shared human experiences. Thus, with the images as the cornerstone of my practice I explore how these become carriers of our inner worlds.

Your Choice! 2021

This work has not been realized yet. Image of the work I am proposing for COCA.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Oda Tungodden


I am a Norwegian artist currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, but also with close artistic to Bergen, Norway. I am represented by 99 Loop Gallery in Cape Town. Since I graduated from my Fine Art studies in 2018 I have had two solo shows, participated in several group exhibitions and multiple art fairs, such as the prestigious Cape Town Investec Art Fair. I have co-founded and currently run Open Loop, a platform which aims to engage critical discussion between artists and proide new networks across borders.

In my practice I am concerned with the medium of painting. Particularly I am interested in the coding of value, norms and social beliefs within visual lanuage. My works emerge from a melting pot of my own experiences, my immediate context and influences from around the globe. Currently my work is investigating the light as an extension of the painterly medium.

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