De'Ja`Vu 2020

Size: 3fit/4fit
Medium: oil on canvas
…what this work is all about is redefining the history of the adam and eve and modernize it to the recent stage we are in now

Judge anonymous 2020

Medium: oil on canvas
…this work speaks about the fact of which our so called leaders use there power to change and manipulate issues in the country.

Ajo' (journey) 2020

Size: 2fit/3fit
Medium: oil on canvas
This work explain the important of home, there is no place like home

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Obiora Nwankwo


My names are nwankwo Vincent obiora ,was born in Lagos DEC 12 who hails from anambra state,I attended the prestigious yaba college of technology, where I earned my NATIONAL DIPLOMA and HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA in art ,my art practice boarders around solving the problem the country of today is given, using my masking figures to depict it, I have exhibited with different gallery like vivid exclusive gallery, Yusuf grillo gallery and so on.

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