Wounded 2019

Mixed Media on Canvas
240 x 160 cm
An image that inspired me to produce this painting was one that shows the back of a man about to be treated for his bullet wounds. His photograph was taken in a field hospital in Douma, Syria, on the 20th of September in 2014 after several airstrikes. The painting reflects the emotions I experienced when I saw the picture of his wounds, since it reminded me of other Syrians who faced death from bullet wounds. Also, I wanted to reflect his strength and how that flowed through to me, in that, despite being injured, and the pain that he must be feeling, the figure in the picture was still standing on his feet.

Untitled 2019

Mixed Media on Canvas
240 x 160 cm
This painting represents the emotions associated with the revolutionary moment, reflecting its ups and downs, and growth and fading of enthusiasm. I sought to express the impact of the sounds of war on myself and other Syrians at the moment of isolation, loneliness, nostalgia, fear, loss of hope, despair. There is an expressive dimension that is almost akin to a musicality, both in terms of its composition and what it is seeking to communicate. There is also a harmony arising from the repetition of the parallel lines of the figures in this painting.

Under the Rubble 2020

Mixed Media on Canvas
160 x 160 cm

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Nour Zantah



Nour Zantah was born in Homs, Syria in 1989. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, 2011 and a Master’s Degree in International Contemporary Art & Design Practice from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, 2014. Nour completed her Ph.D. in Fine Arts, focusing on painting, at The University of Northampton, United Kingdom, 2020. She has exhibited her paintings worldwide including in Syria, Algeria, Jordan and the UK. Following the start of the Syrian revolution, Nour instinctively began to focus her work on the subject of violence and war, exhibiting a particular interest in the aesthetic and expressive qualities that can be achieved while depicting violence, and complex interactions and inspirations evident in how artists respond to modern media images of violence.

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