Victim complex 2018

This series is a product of my collaboration with a group of performance dancers. We wanted to create a visual project, where the main object would be the human body, in the case when it is used as a tool of protection, and a kind of shell in which persons fears are hidden. Such a dissonance of the body and personality I often observed in people suffering from the victim complex.
In this project, we tried to reflect with the sun light and composition the contrast of the external warm world and the internal feeling of helplessness, loss of control, strong guilt, shame and self-accusation that accompany a person suffering from this disorder.

Identity 2019

We often compare ourselves to others. And we are not equal to our own experience, but the experience of other people, considering them more successful and authoritative. This often prevents us from moving forward, understanding ourselves and realising our values. This series of photos is about how our personality is sometimes being tested, how we can experience a crisis of identification, succumbing to external influences.

Harmony 2020

It was a challenge to myself from my teacher. I had to take a portrait on the word “harmonically”. I expected that it wouldn’t be easy and a lot of cliches would immediately appear in my head. I was driving home, looking out the window and listening to music on my headphones, thinking about visual symmetry and musical harmony. Moving my view from the street to my reflection in the window, I thought that a harmonious portrait is when you can calmly look at yourself. I had several ideas about how to reflect it visually. I’ve set up a Studio at home, changed my clothes and prepared to take a self-portrait. Every time I miss the focus when shooting myself . But the only one person could help me, the only one who was near me, the only one who forbids me to take his pictures, the only one who can’t stand a couple of minutes in front of my camera.He took my place, put his hands on the table, and I realized that this is harmony for me. So that I shot infinity in his hands.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Nina Karaush


Nina Karaush is first of all a fine art and narrative photographer from Finland. Nina uses the instruments of postmodernism, abstract, photography and phototherapy to speak about art, cinematography, deepest psychological matters and peoples lives and emotions.
She interested in photography during her modeling and acting career, and started to study it in 2008 and in 2017 began a professional career in the media.
After trying many genres, Nina focused mainly on conceptual, narrative art photography and phototherapy. Working a lot with people and magazines she shoots commercial projects too.
Her images have been exhibited in Hungary, Spain, Italy and Finland. Nina’s photographs can be found in magazines published in Europe, the United States and Australia.
In 2019 Nina started sharing her experience of photography and cinematography with others, creating several unique online courses in photography and visual thinking, which became her own scientific research in the field of art.

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