B. T. R. (Born To Run) 2020

The video B. T. R. is set in the year 2043 and deals with the subject of authoritarian autocracies and complete restriction of journalists. It also deals with the possible extradition of Julian Assange to the US and what it could mean for the situation of independent publicists, whistleblowers and journalists worldwide in the future. The film basically develops a future scenario in which authoritarian rightwing parties worldwide have all the power. A free press has been abolished. In the year 2043 it is no longer possible to report about reality. B. T. R quotes the aesthetics of various genres – from blockbuster series like Chernobyl or classics of cinema like Clockwork Orange to computer game tutorials and high-end streetwear by Balenciaga. In this way, the video tries to create a visual language with topical references to global politics that is seductive yet familiar, making the scenarios all the more unsettling. The video B. T. R. is part of a multichannel video installation.

#preppercoat 2016

The work #preppercoat was presented during Manifestina/Manifesta 2016 (by Christian Jankowski/ Maurizio Cattelan) in Zurich for the first time. #preppercoat was part of the performance series Some Demonstrations by Charlie Stein. Some demonstrations was a set of performances constructed out of individual instructions given by the invited artists. At the end of the performance series Charlie Stein vanished from a helicopter base in the Swiss Alpes wearing the golden #preppercoat.
The #preppercoat has everything what a real prepper will need to survive when he/she is on the run: toothbrush, alcohol, weapons, tools, prepaid phones and gold coins… “Get prepared in unstable times.” The term prepper refers to survivalists who actively prepare for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social, environmental or political order.
Everyone will need a #preppercoat to survive in unstable times like ours.


N.O.R.O.C.2.3. 2020

N. O. R. O. C. 2. 3. is a video project that is a direct reaction to the situation we are facing in times of corona. The story of N. O. R. O. C. 2. 3. is set in the year 2023 nevertheless it has its roots in current world developments. The video deals with a worldwide pandemic crisis that is changing lives every day. It is about the feeling of constant uncertainty.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Nina E. Schönefeld



Nina E. Schönefeld was born in Berlin. She is half Polish and half German. She studied at the University of Arts in Berlin (UDK) and at the Royal College of Art in London. She founded “Last Night In Berlin” an art network that documents art openings in Berlin. She holds a Master of Art and a PhD in Art Theory. Schönefeld lives and works in Berlin. In 2016 & in 2017 she was part of Manifesta/Manifestina in Zurich & she had a video screening on Manhattan Bridge New York. In 2018 Schönefeld’s works have been shown @Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi in Venice, @Goethe Institute in Beijing and @Museum Berlinische Galerie. In 2019 she had shows @Made in NY Media Center in New York, @Bamhaus in Luxembourg, @Palazzo Ca’Zanardi in Venice, @Momentum Worldwide Berlin, @FED.Square in Melbourne, Australia, @Aram Art Museum in Korea, @Haverkampf Gallery & at Galerie La Pierre Large Strasbourg. Upcoming shows: @Art Space Changsha City China / @Cole mine Ostrava, Czech Republic / @Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia.

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