S N O W F O X. 2018

2018, science fiction film, 10m. 3s., black and white (mainly), 1920 x 1080, with sound

The video work S N O W F O X deals with our will to survive and our desires in times of crisis of urban artificial “virtual reality settings” for humanity and real nature.

It is a sci-fi movie of the near future (2023). The female heroine ‘SNOW FOX’ works for the company ‘Black Cloud’, which secretly manipulates the weather. The world has two suns and people are increasingly suffering from the brain disease ‘reduplicative paranesia’. ‘SNOW FOX’ sets out to find the last natural place on earth. The heroine encounters a group of women who, just like ‘SNOW FOX’, decided to fight for the last piece of true nature.

The film’s aesthetic is inspired by blockbuster series such as ‘Mr. Robot’ or ’Twin Peaks’, classics like ‘Solaris’ and ‘Clockwork Orange’, Hollywood film trailers, computer game tutorials, high-end fashion ads and documentaries by investigative journalists and prepper educational videos. The video work deals with new inventions in the digital age and combines classic techniques with brand new video apps.

Schönefeld’s art examines the contemporary social and political climate. Through unusual installations and films, the artist questions the contemporary roles of female characters and heroes, exploring the relationship between art and the present digital age. Her movie stories imagine a world where, due to drastic changes, we need to fight for our democratic rights and survival. Schönefeld plays with stereotypes and creates female hero characters who are able to fly helicopters, hack into highly secured systems and who will change their identities and leave their former lives if they have to…

In previous video presentations of S N O W F O X the existing space was used so that the space appears like a film set from the projected video work.

P.S.01. The link above is the link of the S N O W F O X TRAILER. If you want I can send you the link of the actual video art work. The video art work is obviously not public and should not be shown online…

P.S.02. The video work S N O W F O X was always shown in context of an installation… I will send you an additional portfolio of installation views (exhibitions in Berlin and Venice) if you wish.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Nina E. Schoenefeld


Nina E. Schönefeld is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. She studied in Berlin (UdK) and London (Royal College of Art). She has also lived in New York to do research work for her PhD on multidisciplinary art. Schönefeld has had several solo shows in Berlin, an international group show/performance during Manifesta Biennial in Zurich, a video screening on Manhattan Bridge in New York and recently her video work SNOW FOX was shown at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi in Venice. Nina E. Schönefeld’s strong interest in new artistic and technical developments has resulted in interdisciplinary video installations - a system of light sources, sound systems, electronic machines, newly built sculptures and video screenings.

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