Permeable Entities, Installation. 2016/2017

Permeable Entities | Installation view, Artothek, gallery space of the city of Munich 2016/2017
Material: 10 geometric objects made of wood, based on plates of wood of the size 120 x 60 cm, which are divided and combined to modules for spatial interventions.
2 objects made of glass, 2 objects made of polished steel, 14 drawings of variuos size placed on the wall and on the objects of wood on the floor. Drawings: Ink on paper on folded paper, cutouts, steel, brass, black cardboard.
The black modules of wood form both a display situation comparable to a landscape situation as an extension for the drawings and can be seen as individual sculptural elements which structure and shape the spatial situation. They gather in different constellations, comparable to the figures of a 3d Tangram game. Drawing and objects function as actors, playing different roles according to the exhibition and their dialogues within an installation. In different dialogical structures the drawings reveal several layers of narration and meaning.
The way of working modular with drawings and objects is an ongoing praxis within my work. I refer to the given spatial situation which builds the setting for the multidimensional dialogues.


Permeable Entities, detail of the installation. 2016/2017

On the image you see a detail of the installation above.
The size of this constellation is approximately 60 x 120 x 200 cm.
You see a glass bowl with a drawing inside (ink on folded paper, cutouts).
On the drawing there is a blindfold person holding a stick in her hand like in the childrens’ game where you have to move blind aiming to hit a pot on the floor.
Behind the bowl there is a sculptural element made of folded, polished steel that reflects the drawing, the bowl, the beholder, the surrounding.
Like in a view through a caleidoscope different dimensions of space can be seen at once, changing their appearance with the movement of the beholder.


Frames. 2018

Frames | Installation view, Galerie der Künstler, Munich 2018
Material: Four frames made of welded steel, each about 200 x 100 x 0,8 cm.
Drawings: Ink and partly pencil on paper, Cutouts, folded paper, magnets
Installation: About 600 x 250 x 40 cm
The image shows an installation of steel drawings and drawings on paper. The steel drawings both function in as frames and open up new spatial constellations within the existing space. They are both minimal and playful, reminding of letters. Due to the given situation they can be combined with different drawings. They so change their function, their position and their meaning.
Often the structures of my steel drawings are due to translations of a given spatial situation or moment: I take measurements of linear elements (that can be the structure of an ornament, the floor, the structure of the space) and translate them into steel drawings.
My interest thereby lies in underlying and subtle structures, sometimes ephemeral lines, which I make visible in a both linear and sculptural way. The drawings shift between abstract and narrative elements, suggesting possible spatial dimensions.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Nina Annabelle Märkl


I studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (graduated in 2009), where I teach drawing since 2011. I had several artist in residency stays (ISCP in New York, Dusseldorf, Poland and Japan next year). I had solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad, won prices and stipends, also my work was shown on art fairs, e.g. New Positions, Art Cologne, 2010. In 2016 my second monography Permeable Entities was published. My work shifts between drawing, installation and sculpture. By the means of welded steel I create spatial drawings, which involve the beholder. I therefore work with folded, polished steel in combination with ink drawings. Through the reflection the spatial situation gets multiplicated opening up a variety of perspectives and possible settings.

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