The Roots 2020

There are often inherently deep ties between the part of the world that we call civilized and what we call wild and natural. Geometry in the universe is the basis for all natural phenomena. As a being that creates civilization, the human can find out the hidden geometry in natural phenomena. Thus, the pure geometric form, which is the product of man civilization, is inherent to nature, the nature that we call wild and uncivilized.
In this collection, I used geometric forms of Persian water pounds in traditional Iranian architecture. That is because water is the source of the formation of civilizations around it. Traditional Iranian architecture places the pound in the center of the yard; it signifies the centrality and vitality of water in the universe. For me, the geometric form shows the order that exists in natural phenomena in the universe. The root form of a plant signifies untamed and wild nature. These two forms, one that comes from architecture and stands for civilization, and

Untitled 2021

Each of us is in a space, most of this space is made with the place and thought which we live in it. A space that builds our identity. Sometimes this space becomes too small and cramped for us and we feel the desire to go out and communicate with others. But if others are in such a small and cramped space, what will be the relationship between us?

The shells 2020

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Niloofar Salehi


Niloofar Salehi
1985/born in Tehran/Iran
Visual Artist
Education & qualifications: BA of HandiCrafts
Certificate of Sculpture, Mahe-Mehr Art and Culture Institute Under the supervision of Parviz Tanavoli
I have participated in many biennials, festivals, and group exhibitions.
Festivals and biennials:
2019 “The Third Sculpture Expo of Iran ”, Arte Gallery, Tehran
2018 “Sohrab Sepehri Memorial Medal”, Mahe –Mehr Gallery, Tehran
2018 Art Residency Program, Helikon Art Center, Turkey
2017 “ 7 th Annual of Contemporary Art Persbook ”, Isfahan
2017 “ International Tashkent Festival of Decorative & Applied art”, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2013 “ Tehran ART Walk ”, Iran-France Friendship Associations, Saed Abad Palace, Tehran
2013 “ Oriental Design Week ”, Fuorisalone Sarpi Bridge, Milan, Italy
2011 “ The 10th Iranian biennial of contemporary ceramic ”, Tehran
2007 “The first Women's

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