y’yL 2019

Linen, acrylic, charcoal

i.h\rr 2019

Linen, acrylic, charcoal, resin

H.t. 2019

Linen, acrylic, charcoal, transparent paste

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Nikolai Morgunov



My name is Nikolai Morgunov, (1992, Moscow). Currently I’m living in Barcelona. I studied at the Art Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry.

My artworks are in a minimalist style, which is inspired by the brutalist architecture and constructivism. They contain predestination by grids and spontaneous chaotic graphic underlayer. Basically, transparent grids are plotted on surface, look like lattices, but they don’t hide the image, on the contrary they manifest it. As limitations by vice verse, which allows your imagination to think up.

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