Cabbage patch Embryos 2017

Ceramic, Glasur. 3 objects 25×25 cm, Embryos: 2cm.
The answer to question: from where I am? Was in Many countries like that “the Baby you can find on the cabbage patch”, in France till nowadays you can hear the proverb that boys you can found in the cabbage and girls – in roses. So the fairytale way of finding the baby’s is a reality today: so using the extra corporal method you can have the embryos outside, the mystery is not a mystery any more, but the same time the embryology nowadays plays the role of a wizard, somehow way back to fairytale using the new technologies.

Girls in Roses 2017

Objects 10×10 cm, Embryos 2 cm
The Girl Version from Cabbage, talking about proverbs from France.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Nika Kuk


Nika Kuk
Born in Moscow
School of Biology at State Moscow University 1995
MSPU, Art Department 2000
School of contemporary Art (Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art) 2004
UDK ( University of Art, Berlin) DAAD Stipendium, 2008
Lives and works in Berlin
Creator of Nika Kuk WunderKammer project- mixture of mythology and embryology- Keramik objects.

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