Stile 2020

High-fired stoneware ceramic with white slip surface. 4 thrown forms altered and pushed together. Dimensions: 26 x 38 x 22cm. This piece is part of an ongoing project that examines the notion of boundaries –both between communities, and the cultural divide between art and craft. ‘Stile’ references the stone walls found in rural landscapes round the world. The unsuccessful or forced fit of the parts- with sections void or yielding- implies their unstable condition and porosity of meaning. By working within the traditions of studio ceramic, the notion of functionality in a wider context is also considered.

Up on the Ridgeway 2018

Dimensions: 77 x 14 x 21cm. High-fired glazed stoneware ceramic. 6 thrown forms turned, altered and arranged in a precise linear order.

Block 2017

Dimensions: 65 x 40 x 30cm. High-fired glazed stoneware ceramic. 9 thrown forms turned, altered and place together in a precise configuration.

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Nicola Tassie

United Kingdom

Nicola Tassie born 1960, working in London UK. Studied painting at Central school of Art, BA (hon) Fine Art and ceramics at Islington Institute. I work mostly with stoneware and have a broad based practice which includes both wheel-thrown functional pots as well as more sculptural works. My functional works are exhibited at Flow, Maud and Mabel and the New Craftsmen and have been featured in London and Paris design Festivals. I have an ongoing collaboration with the designer Margaret Howell, London, Paris, Japan. My sculptural works have been exhibited at the London Art Fair 2021; Collect International Art Fair for Craft and Design; Fog Design Fair in San Francisco; Tremenare Sculpture Park, Cornwall. I was selected for the Crafts Council’s Future Made program 2016 and exhibited during Miami Design Week; I am represented by Hostler Burrows gallery in USA . Recent books include 'Urban Potters: Makers in the City', 'Imperfect Perfect', and 'Makers of East London'

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