Noah s Ark 2021

artwork is inspired by the current covid 19 pandemic, thus reflecting on the biblical story of the evacuation.

freedom train 2017

this artwork was inspired by the found objects in play, ie the paraffin stove, which was greatly used in long back in Zimbabwe. so the artwork depicts a train made from mixed media.

The Sax 2021

the sax is a musical instrument made from recycled bottles, umbrellas, shower parts etc and is inspired by the love of music, as a soothing tool and for expressing.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ngonidzashe Tsiga


Ngonidzashe Godfrey Tsiga was born Harare in the year 1985. He is of the “Nungu” (porcupine) totem. He is an environmentally conscious young man as evidenced in his artworks. Having majored in painting, textile design and sculpture at Harare Polytechnic College in Zimbabwe, he creates artworks using “upcycled” found objects from our day to day use which exhibit colour precision and form. He currently resides in Zimbabwe, educating and creating awareness through art to combat the high pollution levels and environmental degradation

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