Monk's Arousal 2019

Arousal can make feel as if aroused by the intrusive thoughts when in fact the opposite is true of nature. these thoughts may not apply every person, while Monk consider controlled over arousal and transform into spiritual power. Red nose and ear indicates ways of physical sign of arousal.

My Despairing 2019

MY DESPAIRING DREAMS is dream of sad and hopeless, eventually there will not the way to Escape form reality.

Tranquility 2019

Tranquility symbolized clam and stoning energy, this is the state of being free from the agitation of our mind. the entire world around us may be turmoil, but if we want to peaceful within we can.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Netra Khattri


Netra bahadur khattri was born in a small village of Baglung Nepal, where surrounded by artistic and natural environment. He learned the trade and developed a deep interest for Art since his childhood.
Studying for an Associate Degree in Fine Figures and Contemporary sculpture at Tribhuvan University Kathmandu Nepal. Netra Focus on learning sculpture and drawing as a tool to study the world that surrounded us. Netra explored many different artistic idea and sculpting artistic conceptual structure into the Contemporary Figurative sculpture with allocating his knowledge and skill as an adjunct art Instructor in Kathmandu Nepal.
In 2015 Netra Move to United State to focus his training in academic Sculpture and Drawing at the Fontbonne University. Here he was able to pursue his interest in the Human figure and contemporary Sculpture whilst working to a high technical level as far having considerable skill to publish his Human Anatomy.

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