LOVE 2014

Fabric, sewn cotton, 118"x 118" (300 x 300cm)

Forever 2014

Fabric, kimono, sewn cotton, wire, wood and yarn,185"x 92" x30"(470x234x76cm)

Intimate Annoyance 2018

Fabric, sewn cotton, acrylic paint on canvas, 15"x15" (38x38cm)

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Natsuko Hattori


Natsuko Hattori is an artist using fabric to create sculptures.

She collaborated with flower artist twice for exhibits at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also she had solo exhibition at the Wall Street Journal building, 92 street Y ,First Street Gallery, Chashima Gallery, Waterfall Gallery, and other over 80 exhibitions. Also held in US cities other than New York, Europe and Japan. She has received many awards and grants including winning the Aoki Shigeru Memorial Grand Prix Award thrice in Japan.
Since 2014, she has been holding a performance titled “Dancer in MocoMoco”, and works on spatial art by dance, music, video and photography.

In 2019, her works were exhibited in the “Reiwa” bookkeeping hall of the Japanese Consulate General in Japan. In 2020, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, a sponsor of the watch company Swatch, will be invited to Shanghai as a half-year contracted artist. Currently working actively in an atelier in New York City and Japan.

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