What Is Your Name? 2020

Material: Aluminum, steel, acrylic on paper
Size: H 5 feet, W 3 feet, L 3 feet

What Is Your Name is composed of a sound installation and blue and white airplane-like sculptures that face each other as though the one is a reflection of the other. In collaboration with a visual artist, Haksul Lee, Takauji interviewed people throughout New York City to collect their names in their mother languages, handwriting, and voices. The various colors and alphabets on the white side of the work's sculpture illustrate the diversity of people. These names were transcribed into the International Phonetic Alphabet on the blue side to symbolize unity, signifying our collective effort to understand other languages.
This socially engaged art project addressed people's origins and coexisting differences.
It was made during the Artport Residency Program by the Queens Council for the Arts and the Port Authority of NY and NJ.

Fatal, Fertile 2018

Material: bronze, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, hydraulic oil
Size: H 45 inch, W 28 inch, L 28 inch

The oil-fountain sculpture, "Fatal, Fertile", creates viscous movement across the zen garden pattern on the base. The fluid is black-died machine oil, leaving a crude smell. It flows and pauses with intervals. It draws contradictory images between the perpetual fertile energy of the earth and its impermanence; the sacred and the sexual forms; the indication of life and death.

Omamori -Charm for Health- 2020

Material: pouch: fabric / enclosed work: acrylic on wood and paper.
Size: H 12 inch W 15 inch L 1.5 inch

The Omamori series is inspired by a type of Japanese religious lucky charm called “Omamori”, which is commonly sold in Shito and Buddist temples. I embroidered various symbols based on my research about symbolism, superstitions, dual reality, and hidden connections inherited in society.

Like the real Omamori, I enclosed a painted work and related information as a prayer inside of the pouch, and if it's opened it will lose its protective power, but it is up to viewers to open it or not. I used both sides from the same fabric for a pair to highlight the duality.
These two health logos originated in Ancient Greece, are currently used in America as a result of documented mistakes, misunderstandings, and confusion.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Natsuki Takauji

United States


Natsuki Takauji is a visual artist, born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, currently lives and works in NYC. She holds BLA in Creative Writing from Waseda University. She is an instructor at The Art Students League of New York and a director of Metal Sculptures at Sculptors Alliance for which she curated exhibitions. Solo exhibition venues include Berkeley College Gallery, NY, and Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, NY. Group exhibitions include "Kameyama Art Triennale", Japan, and "Time Space Existence" during the 16th Venice Biennale, Italy. Her work is held as a permanent collection by Yuko Nii Foundation and Port Authority of NY and NJ. Her large-scale public sculptures are “Tree of Life” at Van Cortlandt Park, NY, "Window" at Riverside Park, NY, and "Window II" at Rye Town Park, NY. Her collaborative socially engaging project, "What Is Your Name?" was made during the ArtPort Residency Program at the LaGuardia Airport, NY, and was exhibited for The Immigrant Artist Biennial, 2020.

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