Broken 2021

Broken – a three-piece with its own story. Primed and sealed chipboard, with several layers of acrylic paint, alcohol inks and resin, alternately transformed into a glittering, noble, cohesive work.

No expense or effort has been spared – and effort has been a particular feature of the work. And frustration. Resin did not dry out, pieces burst open, even almost done works had to be repaired, thrown away, started anew. And yet I did not want to give up on it. But this work bore its very own fate. And thus the name was born: 'Broken'. Beautiful, yet marked by life. The fate of this work was incorporated. A Japanese custom is to not throw away broken pieces, but to glue them with gold and thus embellish them. I feel the same way about this work. Yes, it has scars. Yes, it has a history of suffering. The more it refused to be perfect, the more I learned to value those traces of brokenness. Now its perfection lies not in its flawlessness, but in the beauty of its embellished breakage .

Power of Thought 2020

Power of Thought' is an extraordinary work of mixed media. Many techniques and materials are combined here.
On the one hand, we find tissue paper applied with paste, which creates a three-dimensional structure. This was further painted with acrylic paint and extensively refined with silver impact metal. On the other hand, we find a pouring technique where acrylic paint and alcohol inks run down from above. On the right side of the painting we worked extensively with alcohol inks, which were also poured and blow-dried. This area was also finished with resin (epoxy resin), providing a glossy layer that reflects in the light.

The two areas on the left and right have been symbolically connected with two real chains, which have also been partially refined with impact metal gold.

Power of Thought' speaks of the power of thought and its impact and is an appeal to think big and dream wide.


One day I had an inner image in my mind. It showed myself locked in a tight cocoon, about to free myself. And I saw wings making their way out of the cocoon. Sometimes we feel an endless pressure in our lives and think it's going nowhere at all. These are times of pain. And yet we don't realise that it is precisely these times that transform us. We are still ourselves and yet we were a caterpillar before and this process of pressure turns us into a butterfly. Something else happens: if we are patient and come out of it, we learn to fly. I chose aluminium foil as the cocoon because the colour symbolises the different facets of purification. Each of us goes through certain phases and emerges as a new person. For this reason I have called the painting EVOLVEMENT.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Natalie Schwarz


"Natalie Schwarz is a German painter who has exhibited nationally as well as in France, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. Both her abstract and realistic pieces speak of acceptance, hope, joy and beauty. Inspired by her beliefs, Schwarz also incorporates visions, dreams and poetic verses into her compositions. She creates with acrylic, mixed media, alcohol inks and resin."

" I see my painting process as healing my own soul by freeing it from conventions and limitations. The end product heals and sets other souls free. " (Natalie Schwarz)

2007 A-levels
2010 Bachelor of Arts in 'German Linguistics' and 'English and American Cultural and Literary Studies' (University of Paderborn)
2012 Master of Arts in 'English' (Creative Writing, University of Sydney, Australia)
2014 Master of Arts in 'English and American Cultural and Literary Studies' (University of Paderborn)
Since 2017 Self-taught painter

Being creative and creating art ist basically my life.

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