Jerusalem – passage 2021

I’m a creative person who works in a common field of arts and design. I've done a lot so far – but I’ve a feeling there are many solutions to be found within pushing boundaries and resourcing new materials. This painting represents one of the examples of how I'm cooperating with different structures. It contains 4 different types of linen and cotton canvases, which are hand stitched – in a way, to emphasize architecture shown in the painting.

Dome of the Rock – chiaroscuro 2021

As an artist based in the field of design and paintings I perceive and define my world as a summon of lines and dots. The research between artistic forms of creations is what inspires me the most. Connecting those dots over the years I’ve learned, that even a failure in one project, is a success and lesson for the next one. In my past actions I’ve pushed my creative solutions expanding the borders of my knowledge. As researchers we ask ourselves many questions. To me the most interesting part is: are there any borders in the matter of art? We can close those lines and dots in boxes named architecture, graphics, paintings, design etc. But can we really be so close minded, to believe, that they should stay in those boxes? This painting comes from my latest collection called "Immensity", that treats about borders of many kinds, especially those days, with so many lockdowns all over the world due to the pandemia.

Treasury at sunset 2020

We create a beautiful world made out of any kind of material. That’s our job to push boundaries, break rules, be creative and go crazy with resources. So far in my works I’ve barely touched solutions in connecting design and paintings. In my doctoral dissertation I’ve managed to create experimental spatial objects out of oil paintings, by a simple study of colors. It was a work made only in two years and I’ve presented a range of solutions that became a primary base for further development. I teach my students that first thought of color tint on the paper has a huge impact on the future design. The Immensity collection is a summon of all my past experiences closed in over 50 pieces inspired by Israel and Petra. Would you dare to see more?

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Natalia Rozmus-Esparza


Born in 1983, she holds a PhD degree in art obtained in 2015, after being a double Master of Arts in design and asel painting. At the University of Arts in Poznań, she runs an original design studio, teaching bionics.

In 2019, she received the Merit to Polish Culture honorary badge for her outstanding attitude in creating and disseminating culture. Currently, she cooperates with renowned galleries in Poland and in the world. The only Polish painter among 37 most promising young artists, has been invited to participate in the Samsung project "The Frame". She is the only Pole to collaborate with the global Fab brand and the Potato Mike Gallery in New York.

She has over 20 solo exhibitions and many collective exhibitions. Her paintings are among original collections of most European cities as well as in the USA, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong, and in the state collections of cultural institutions Landstinget Jönköping and Kultur Jönköping Kommun in Sweden.

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