Energy Expression – Romina 2020

Each piece is perfectly positioned, with different colours reflecting her soul, transparency, joy and attachment to family and friends.
She loves puzzles and this mirrors her personality.

Energy Expression – Qin 2020

White light is a combination of all colours.
For a long time her eyes saw only white.
When she reconnected with her heart,
she began to reflect the rainbow within her.

Energy Expression – Lucrecia 2020

Motion – Immobility
Storm – Stillness
Uncertainty – Certainty
Confidence -Insecurity
Past – Present – Future

An organised chaos

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Natalia Gentilcore

United Kingdom

My name is Natalia Gentilcore, an Argentinian architect and a creative person who like to inspire and encourage everyone to nurture their light and express themselves.
I studied Communication, Art, Design and Architecture in Rosario, Argentina. And when I finished my degree I moved to London where I am working in the architectural world.
Started as a personal project to capture and showcase my inner energy in motion via colours and the project developed into a means to capture people’s energy via their personality and beliefs with me as the artist able to translate the way they see themselves into living works of art.
During this project I merged my passion for painting and photography into a single work of art by capturing people’s energy, their feelings, personality and beliefs. By using their bodies as the canvas, I take the opportunity to imprint their inner light through body paint. The final work of art represents who they are at that present moment in time.

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