The spiral of life 2019

Arrangement created with dry materials and wire. In it I wonder what the flow of life is and what motivates us to continue living

Pina Bausch inspired mini ikebana 2020

Arrangement created with dry materials and doll bodies. This work was created during the days of isolation imposed by the pandemic. What are we human beings if we cannot socialize?

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Natalia Calderón


Ikebana artist with dance and graphic design background.
Born in Colombia in 1978.
1995-2007 Graphic design and dance studies.
2003-2007 Graphic designer at Netzbarkeit company. Zurich.
2008-2012 Enrolled in different activities in the Swiss dance archive, Zurich.
2088-2012 Different choreographic dance works. Zurich.
2013-2016 Graphic designer at the Goethe institute. Tokyo.
Since 2017 Ikebana instructor in Japan, Switzerland and Colombia.
2018 Participation in the group exhibition "I and the earth" of the Sogetsu school.
2019 Individual exhibition of ceramics and Ikebana with the artist Eric Nelson, at Gallery 111 in Zurich.
2019 Participation in the group exhibition, 101 Annual Exhibition of the Sogetsu school. Tokyo.
2010 Choreography, second place. Secondo Festival, Switzerland.
2011 Choreography, third place. Secondo Festival, Switzerland.
2019 Spiral Award for the best Ikebana in the group exhibition, 101st Annual Exhibition of Sogetsu School. Tokyo.

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