Mixed media “infinity” 2019

konterporary art Infinity

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Nata Samkanashvili


My name is Nata Samkanashvili.-Artist In 1993 I enrolled in Ivan Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and in 1998 graduated the full course of the Faculty of Art and Humanities of the University having specialized in the field on Artistic Modeling on Clothes and was awarded the qualification of Artist-Dress Modeler. After graduating from the University in 1998 I continued working with the same faculty as a teacher of Fashion Design Garment & Construction Lines. Afterward I was recruited by G. Devdarian Shoes and Leather Accessories Salon/Boutique. I have been working for G. Devdarian Shoes and Leather Accessories Salon/Boutique as a Designer for over five years.at the moment I am working in their own fashion boutique Apart from my eclectic interests and qualification the only true and real inexhaustible source of interest of mine always has been painting. Though I have been worked on water-paintings, oil-paintings, graphic arts, drawings, pastel-paintings, gouache-paintings in mixed

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