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Idle Hour 2019

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Nat Raum

United States

Nat Raum is a multimedia artist working primarily with photography, creative writing, and bookmaking. She graduated from the BFA Photography program at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018 with a studio concentration in book arts. She is currently based in Baltimore, MD. Nat’s artwork primarily explores her relationship with her body and the world around her following her past sexual trauma. She is also interested in the intersection between sexuality, anxiety, and trauma and how it manifests itself, both personally and broadly, in the digital age. Her practice centers around creating books and zines as a means to communicate overwhelming emotions, troubled states of mind, and deep dark secrets. Nat's work has been exhibited at venues such as Davis Orton Gallery, the Midwest Center for Photography, The Museum of Human Achievement, and the Griffin Museum of Photography. She has self-published two artist books and was published in Femme Fotale's Volume V: Resistance, Resiliance,

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