Reflected 31 times, and then? 2020

Fell into frustration and kept looping about how could be the way out for the current protest from a dilemma. People sacrificed but justice does not come. Time slipping out, will the protest turn into a memorial event like the 4th June 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre?

I turned my frustration and doubts into an open-ended question. Taking 3D scanning to a self-made goddess of democracy statue as a way to present an act of viewing this piece of history over and over. After many interpretations, we can see the outcomes from the 3D-print that there are some misses and additions.

Get In Touch 2020

Video Documentation:

Year of production: 2020
Type: Interactive Audiovisual Installation
Media: Himalayas singing bowls, Micro-controller, conductive materials.

The world we live in discourages touch and interaction among people. Physical touch was what we familiarised with, yet it becomes strange at this moment. Instead of exploring the human relationship, maybe we should explore the inwards. While the electricity goes through the conductive materials, they become one; when we touch and connect them, it makes us become one and activate the meditative sound.

Underneathe . Beneath . Breathe 2020

At the early stage of coronavirus pandemic, while people are still not yet familiar with the behaviour of wearing masks, it was a signature of overreaction. People jumped away from me after noticing I am wearing a mask. *They felt shocked and I felt awkward. When face masks become daily things in Asia, many people among the world are still start to learn how to wear masks correctly. *Frankly and honestly, I witness not-a-few-number of people wearing them inside out, I wondered and hesitated for couple of moments whether tell them or not.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Naomi Chan

Hong Kong

Naomi Chan (born. 1987) is from Hong Kong and now based in Norway after graduated with a Master of Fine Art. With skills in traditional art, she loves to explore alternatives in many different media like installation, electronics, interactive media, and videos. She takes both practical and theoretical components as interconnected aspects throughout her creative process.

Naomi loves new inspirations, experiments and never stops exploring. She keens to obtain different skills because it broadens her mind in creativity, less limitation if she knows the more alternatives in different attempts. She wants her art can go beyond the boundaries of art forms and let the way of expression be a preference.

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