Remember Me my Dear 2019

Full-HD Video, 16:9, Colour, Sound, 29:50
Photography on Linen 100 x 100 cm
Nanni Schiffl-Deiler’s work “Remember Me My Dear” tells of nature, memory and resonance. Brought back to the place of origin, she generates a visual echo with her image. Through the framed part of this location. place and depiction enter into correspondence. Black-and-white meets colour, meets light, meets the alteration of the place. With this intrusive designerly act she temporarily transforms the natural space into a self-questioning cultural landscape.

Finestra Aperta 2020

Short film, 2020
Finestra aperta makes us think about time, silence and different worlds of perception. we see an old lady in Rome at the window watching life on the street. we only hear the sounds of this street without seeing what happens. what are her thoughts while she looks? what kind of pictures do we see hearing the sounds? how does life feel for a person who may no longer be able to leave her apartment? perhaps at the end of this film we have more questions than answers.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Nanni Schiffl-Deiler


Nanni Schiffl-Deiler was born in Munich and, attracted by foreign cultures and human beings, began to take photos while travelling in Central America and Asia. Later she has studied photography at VII agency in New York and Italy and worked in the field of longterm documentary photography. this kind of working was the crossing to art projects based on photography, film, text and music.
Nanni Schiffl-Deiler lives and works in Munich, Germany and Toskana, Italy.

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