Let's have a tea time together 2019

A snail
A whale
One lives inland
One lives waterland
A battle field in humanland
We try to rest our mind as child does
When the battle field is gone, we see only us in peaceful pure dance
In afternoon, when the weather is good for us to have tea

Perfect world Mom and I 2019

Perfect world Mom and I

Z3 2019

Because we do not know what it is
as a child does not know yet
We let our soul free
Beauty itself will revealed
Z3 will be forever frozen
Tough fragility sense
Cold but warm inside
The moment

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Nani Wijaya



Nani Wijaya was born in Surabaya on 1978. She got her university degree on architecture, but she never get a chance to use her knowledge and never works as an architect. She worked on a mosaic ceramic company on 2000-2007 to chase her own dream. During 2007-2015, she worked freelance as product packaging designer. One day, she reached a point where she wanted to experience all the good things she had when she was a child, and realized what she dreamed of. Painting. During 2015-2018, Nani tried to acknowledge her painting style and type. At first, she painted many watercolor paintings, and participated on several exhibitions like on House of Sampoerna and on several Surabaya Kolcai group exhibitions. From there, she got the skills of depth, movement and transparency, which then implemented by her to her acrylic paintings as her new media.
Nani artworks always tell a story. Her artworks are also inspired by poems.

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