Flaw 2020

Mixed Media Installation (Bamboo, Balsa Wood and Thread, Acrylic paint on canvas) ; 36” X 36”
We never wonder what makes us to grow; what makes us to improve; what makes us to change; and so on and so forth. Well, do we really think that humans always try to overcome the "flaw" within them, even if it happens subconsciously?
We tend to bridge the gaps, where lies chaos, multitude (No, I'm not just talking about generation gap). But, we can compare those bridges or connections as evil seeds of thoughts and destinations can be either of the two multiverse. Hence, why sowing such seeds , just in order to fulfill unfulfilled desires?
I'm glad that I could come up with such thought, what a fusion of canvas and wood work can create. Therefore, I'm proud to share that this style is what I have been looking for and have found it.

Chair 2020

Mixed Media Installation (Bamboo and Balsa Wood, Acrylic and Oil paint on canvas) ; 18” X 24”
Some people tend to live in specific realms of reality, suited to their best interest. However, that reality is indeed bounded by a human mind's experience and knowledge. The term "imprison" may not be commonly used among us but has unknowingly become an integral part of our so called "sub-conscious" mind. Therefore, I try to express this food of thought through a very familiar term "Chair". The artwork is done using mixed media, namely, oil, heavy body acrylic and charcoal. I have experimented with the style "Cubism" through a relief installation (using balsa plates and bamboo) over canvas painting. The 24" x 18" artwork made of artist quality canvas and paints, would be best hung without a frame.

State 2021

Mixed Media Installation (Bamboo , Acrylic and Oil paint on canvas) ; 24” X 18”
This work is the outcome of an experimental art I did back in 2020, a mere water colour on paper. However, I wanted to express it through a medium which I am currently improvising on. The title "State" questions the mere relation of mind and the body. The mind confines itself to the pain and pleasure received from the body. For this artwork, the underlay is all heavy body acrylic paints and a top layer of oil paint for the subject. The addition of bamboo stick installation is using nails and net wires. Do not worry, since the canvas is stretched on a frame and does not need any other framing.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Naman Shroff


Naman Shroff (b. 2000) believes that one does not need to have formal training in order
to be an artist, all that is needed is a childlike curiosity, consistency of effort and a
granular approach to create and excel. He has a Diploma in Fine Arts and is currently
pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. He is keen to discover his own style
which can become a recurring leitmotif in his art, reflecting both his passion and
profession in a harmonious amalgam. Currently he juxtaposes flat medium work with
lightweight sculpture, as an architecture façade usually needs a scaffolding to erect it.
He believes this coming together of the 2D and the 3D could be like a bridge between
the artist and the budding architect in him, both of which disciplines push him in diverse
directions. He was recently part of group exhibition at the Nandalal Bose Gallery of Indian Council of Cultural Relations Kolkata, India.
In his own words – “Consider everything an experiment"

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