Sand In our Blood: Our journey is long 2016

This series of digital photography and video embeds the female form into natural settings to create emergent patterns. The compositions highlight the discrepancy of power between femininity in nature and the perceived value of femininity in most societies. As these double standards apply to women in everything, from our creation stories to the language we use to talk about them in the modern world, the figure here is absorbed to become part of the pattern in her surroundings.

Hannah by the Window #6 2017

“Hannah by the Window” is a seven part series that illustrates several major phases of a woman’s life. Influenced by Jan Saudek’s window series, I attempt to capture through digital photography and collage ideas about innocence, womanhood, birth and death. As the composition is heavily influenced by Saudek’s photography work, this series uses concepts of inner and outer self as well as times of day and light to further articulate growth and change.

collage series #1 2018

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Naima White

United States

Playing with focus and layers of imagery I endeavor to capture a collective memory. Multiple subjective experiences of landscape, culture, and identity informed by history interlace to form a narrative of small moments. Each of these moments is varied in its exploration of patterns where I concentrate on organic shape and color, while looking to the environment for inspiration and to textiles for composition, particularly the Persian rugs that I grew up with. As an Arab, Jewish and American woman, my sense of self often falls between seemingly incompatible things. This often drives me to look at what is in between two forms of expression whether it is myth and reality, pop culture and tradition or Middle Eastern and Western aesthetics. Each piece is a form of storytelling, manipulated into a dreamlike experience, the sole purpose of which is to link fractured viewpoints and create a new whole.

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