polyurethane, nylon, acrylic // 450 x 470 x 380 cm // Urban Nation, museum for urban contemporary arts, Berlin

The black body consisting of polyurethane is occupying the space with its biomorphic growth-like structures. This site-specific installation is a progression of the series OCCUPIED OBJECTS, in which bright fungus-like structures are taking over everyday-objects of the human being and has been realized at Urban Nation, the museum for contemporary urban art in Berlin.


polyurethane, acrylic, steel rope // 550 x 400 x 350 cm // Valletta Contemporary, Malta

An object whose origin is difficult to classify hangs from the ceiling to the ground floor. Has it grown locally? Or was it brought from a distant place? It is undoubtedly made of an artificially manufactured material and yet it looks almost natural due to its biomorphic expansion. In every landscape, every plant and every living being lives an inner logic that determines its structure. At the same time, external factors are influencing this development. This creates vegetation zones, growth forms, insects and animals that are perfectly adapted to each other and form their own system. The urge for survival becomes visible in all these shaped forms. The object itself seems like an organism, with the will to survive, to have grown according to these logical, mathematical principles.


polyurethane, acrylic, wire, nylon / 450 x 320 x 280 cm / intervention at Görlitz station

The train shelter at Görlitz the station becomes the showplace of a rather unusual scenario. Even from distance, the traveler notes: This train shelter has been misappropriated in its function as a waiting room. It is home to exotic-toxic appearing, biomorphic grew forms in radiant colors, which are illuminated by a blue-green light.
Upon closer observation, the traveler is able to marvel at the details of that alien kind of nature and gets the impression of a huge tropical-artificial terrarium.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Nadine Baldow


Nadine Baldow is a visual artist working mainly with site-specific installations. She studied with professor Eberhard Bosslet, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden after completing a woodcarving apprenticeship in the Alps. Her work predominantly addresses the relationship between humankind and nature, and their ongoing impact on each other.
She has been invited as an artist-in-residence at a number of reputable institutions across Europe and Asia, such as the Leitrim Sculpture Center in Ireland, Gozo Contemporary in Malta, Urban Nation – museum for urban contemporary arts in Berlin, she has been part of the artist-in-residence in the Himalayas in India; the national park Šumava in Czech; the nature conservation island Vilm in Germany; the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig (Halle 14) and in Seoul, South Korea in cooperation with the Hansung University, where she created a site-specific intervention. She has also produced several public space interventions in Panjim, Dresden, and Görlitz.

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