Nude.Sisters. 2020

"Nude.Sisters", 2020 ,116×89, canvas ,acrylic ,oil.
This work in the same time very personally and symbolically. Nudity as a symbol of intimacy and openness in a relationship with a sister.

Phantasmagoria.In movement 2021

"Phantasmagoria.In movement " 2021 ,120×140 , acrylic ,oil ,canvas,
Five nude women in motion .Whether reality or dream .Movement of colors and lines embraces and unites body .

Mysteries of autumn Bergen. 2021

"Mysteries of autumn Bergen" 2021
,100×120 ,oil ,canvas.
Very often, the artist acts purely intuitively, sometimes the associations lie somewhere far away, maybe even in childhood. this is one of those paintings . In the Soviet Union, it was customary to hang a carpet on the wall next to the bed, as a rule, these were carpets with rich ornaments and very multicolored. It was one of the artist's spending time lying in bed looking at the ornaments, traveling from one color to another, from one figure to another. Of course, this picture is not a carpet , but it is so multicolored and multi-detailed that the eyes have somewhere to travel.

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Nadezda Stupina


Interest in art appeared in early childhood, my first drawings were on the Wallpaper in my bedroom. When I was 10 years old, my parents, seeing my interest in art, sent me to art school. Around the age of 11 -12 years there was a dream to be an artist.

What can you find in my works ? In my works you can find me, my character , my passion, my soul,my Outlook on life ,my idea of beauty. I am very close to the aesthetics of the Impressionists. I ,as a viewer, perceive art emotionally. This is the most important thing for me like for artist that the picture touched emotionally.

I spent a lot of time to find my own technique and style that would Express me. This is a volumetric, textured, multi-layer oil painting with a palette knife . This is my main technique. but in parallel with it I work in other directions. Acrylic, oil pastel, mixed media-for me this is a huge field for experiments. Paper, canvas, cardboard , hardboard, Plexiglas – that's what I work on.I also created a seri

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