Mother A Vagina 2020

Mother A Vagina:

"What if birth and death are not absolute destiny. Therefore, if the best fate of life is never born or given the opportunity for eternal life, why is creation always born through the mother's vagina? And death is a point of sadness. Is this something new. Mother dies. but you cannot be born again. You give birth vaginally and tomorrow creates joy for death. " – Mr. Sosex Crazy

Premise: My Childhood Dream About Memory

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Muhammad Sose Suriadi


Founder – Artist

@sosex.crazy : Born in the village in 1996. Before deciding to become a professional artist of Hyperrealism and Founder of @vagina.collection , he spent nine semesters in a visual communication design study program then continued six semesters in a theater studies program with a concentration in directing and working as a photographer and a graphic designer at a photo studio company for a year. He has also been involved directly or indirectly with organizations such as student nature lovers and Islamic student associations until he finally decided that his ultimate goal was to become a professional artist and Founder. Mr. @sosex.crazy was formed as a result of artistic clashes he did repeatedly with less than after. Therefore, he intended from the start that a work should be made without any reason except through a long process of proving itself.

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