headless believer under the moonlight 2019

I’m a Muslim. I grew up in the middle east. I have seen religion and politics taking over countries around Jordan and how they were affecting everything and everyone I was surrounded by. Media and the way media represented me as a Muslim traumatized me as a teenager in a way that I hated myself, my people and my god at some point. I really believed that I might be a terrorist too. Years passed. and I taught myself how to accept itself and to resist the stereotypes not to get into me. in this work, I wanted to portrait how would it look like if i tried to show the world the picture that media, politics, and religion gave me about myself after 11th of September.

Symbol invasion – toilet 2019

Symbol invasion is a concept where I set down and observe how any object might to being invaded by a group of symbols. the symbol itself took me 3 years to figure it out through a very tense process of abstract-expressionism. when I applied the symbols on the toilet. it gave me lot of lots of ideas and interpretations so I decided not to limit its potential by speaking out loud how did I receive this invaded toilet to the public.

the package 2019

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Msallam Hdaib



Audiovisual Artist. from Jordan. master’s degree in ceramics at Stroganoff academy Moscow 2018-2020. BA in visual arts, painting 2010-2014. 2 group exhibitions 2015,2016 Amman Jordan. Winner of the Palestine foundation’s fine arts award 2016. In my work, I focus on a couple of topics. one of which is “The Toilet” and what does it represent and how often people react to this topic. Another topic I adopted lately called “symbol invasion”. in this project I used one symbol on different objects with different mediums and observed how a single symbol might totally change almost any concept of any object it touches. the process of making the artwork, not on the result itself is what I was focusing on this time. Released 2 solo rap albums: “The Last step” (2016) And “Postcolonialism” (2018). first Arab artist to perform in Israel 2018.

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