mentality 2020

this work is titled .helmet protector,this work was inspired by the current happening in and around the world today and i have projected the future as a time of personal helmet protect agaisnt air born deseases if care if not takn and if precousions are not done serioulsy we will all be wearing protective helmet in the future

model 2020

model ,i a work that has been in a kind of shigt tody as we can see the fashion industry is booming at the movement and there is a great shift between the art industry and the fashion industry i an happy that this collaboration in taken place in the world today,.

stylish man 2020

the tears and pain of a classic man is only known by the man himself he may dress wonderfullly well on the outside but on the inside there are many question mark about the kind of person he really he

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moses zibor


i am a nigerian born artist but i live in kazakhstan central asia i have been working as an artist since i was a child i have finished my lower and higher education up to diplom level i have been a full time artist for over 15 years now with some many art exhibition national ans internationally i have done about 5 solo shows in my life time experince as an artist

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