A Rock and a Wind. Spaces among Objects 2020

Project “A Rock and a Wind. Spaces among Objects” is a reproduced collection, which was established by building new sculptures in the gallery during the exhibition. Gedrimaitė systematically examines the objectivity as a property, giving up the object. In this way, artist questions the power of the reduced element to the material essence, without defining a specific name or function. The aim is to capture the shift from a material object to its conceptual expression and to identify the limits of these properties.

A Rock and a Wind 2019

Project (a collection of pieces) is characterized by the general ideology of Monika Gedrimaite's work. Artist consistently explores the dialectic between the ceramic vessel as a material and conceptual derivation. Gedrimaite is interested in its utilitarian foundation and new possibilities in use. By universalizing the meaning of the vessel in her work, she reduces the piece until trace remains to a hint that does not refer to specificity. Using the technical methods of creating and deconstructing ceramics, the artist presents the objects of an imaginary function, which are not necessarily related to the original purpose, giving them a new concept.

Aesthetics of a vessel: from thing to art 2018

Artist’s concept of a vessel is exposed with instruments of deconstruction, while there is still a mark, which leads towards nothing that is essential for a vessel.
Invoking technological aspects, finding new forms, author creates visionary ware, which indicates a new term of vessel‘s idea. New ware and its compositions become onomatopoeia of a word “vessel“, which means imitation of a sound, or an imitation of making words. In a specific moment a sound of vessel creates new letters, syllables, words and parts of sentences, finally a text and a story. This action is not only an effect of a sound, but there is also meaning, a symbol which describes an object. Once deconstructed, vessel creates an importance of new objects in order to get in a right, personal thinking of vessel.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Monika Gedrimaite



Monika Gedrimaite is ceramicist and artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She has graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts (BA in 2014 and MA in 2018) and Estonian Academy of Arts (exchange student).
Artist holds several grants for individual art creators that were established by Lithuanian Council for Culture and also was awarded with a diploma in a 5th Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennial (2018).
Since 2020 Gedrimaite is a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
Gedrimaite has arranged 5 solo exhibitions, participated in over 30 group exhibitions and in 6 symposiums in Lithuania and abroad.
Ceramicists is interested in studying various articles in ceramics discourse, initiates interviews with artists. She creates concepts of her exhibitions and questions methods of ceramics technologies which evokes broadening and deconstructing traditions.
Gedrimaite runs her private studio in Vilnius and curates informal art education.

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