Dreaming Turtle 2020

Public Mural, 2020, 68' x 25'. Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. $10,000

Individual Artist-led project with hired local help. Commissioned by a co-working and co-living business the 5 stories (68 foot) mural explodes with color, the bright pastel colors light up what used to be a dark concrete wall with positivity. 'Turtle Dreaming' is a representation of the inward journey that we all take, especially during the year 2020. When the beaches were closed the iconic turtle brought the ocean to the land. The work creates a dream-like landscape that inspires hope and community for the Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia Community.

Sacred Waters 2019

Public Mural, 2018 Acrylic, 20’ x 8’. Portland, Oregon. $3,000

Collaborative public community mural. Utilizing the existing triangle reliefs on the wall, this mural not only highlights the shapes but combines comparable colors on top of one another to create a more three-dimensional illusion. The mural was conceived as apart of the Biketopia Music Collective 2019 Bicycle Tour where I, along with 25 artists and musicians organized 34 pedal-powered music and art festivals from Vancouver, Canada to Oakland, California. Created in the Hollywood district of Portland, this mural stands alongside busy streets and booming businesses. 

Portland Perspective 2019

Public Mural, 2019, acrylic, 100’ x 25’. Portland, Oregon $16,000

Individual Artist-led project with hired local help. In the largest Molly Keen creation yet, the massive Mural stands 25 feet tall and 100 feet wide where the viewer may see the entirety of the city of Portland in just one snapshot. The piece captures the Portland spirit with over 100 iconic landmarks, parks, bridges, and buildings. Built three-dimensionally beforehand to get the correct isometric point of view, the piece took over 80 hours of planning and research to create and design.

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Molly Keen

United States


Biography, Molly Keen
b. 1987 Seattle, Washington

Molly Keen is a full time working Artist that specializes in large scale acrylic Murals that activate movement invoking a dreamlike space. Based in Oakland, California for the past ten years she has spent the majority of her career traveling all over the world creating more than 40 whimsically colorful large-scale murals in her mother’s memory. She is known for her style of flowing color with playful twists and turns that create whimsical and childlike themes.

Keen received her formal education from Washington State University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts 2006-2010. Her initial love for creating began with her mother, who encouraged her passion for exploration and became the most important inspiration for her known life as an artist and she paints in her mother's memory. Within the last 5 years, Keen has participated in international Artist Residencies in the Netherlands and Cabanconde, Peru resulting in the completion

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