Hope 2018

Three brothers are celebrating the end of the war between the east and the west of the Egyptian SIWAH Oasis , this war ended 100 years ago and They celebrate it in the month of October every year

i can not smile 2016

An Egyptian child works to earn a living in one of the old neighborhoods of Cairo in Egypt. I was wandering around that area for photography and this child stopped me to take a picture of him and I asked him to at least smile
But he said he can't

Arabian beauty 2016

An Egyptian woman in Al-Hakim Mosque in Egypt
She wears the ancient Egyptian folk "burqa"

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Mohamed Eldor



Mohamed Eldor Freelancer documentary photographer based in Cairo Egypt with 4+ years’ extensive experience in custom and specialized photography. . Conversant with different types of photography including ,street ,photojournalism, landscape and wedding. and now i prepare my self to be a visual researcher .
Published photographs in the National Geographic Arabia magazine – Daily news Egypt
Have the national award of Sony world awards 2017 1st place . Final HIPA contest 2016 – 5rd place on
Turkish cultural center Egypt 2017 . and the fifth place in the international DP contest –
Egypt press photo contest winner 2017 .
And i participated in international exhibitions such as Nikon Dubai and Chefchaouen Morocco ,Algeria,UK and France .

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