Transhumance 2019

Transhumance here refers to periodical movement of people, traveling big distances in search of new horizons taking with them not only animals and material objects but specially culture, values, manners and customs to settle down somewhere else. By mixing with other's they grow up new realities. This artwork talks about the richness of mixtures along the way.

Pandemia times 2021

This painting on hanging paper without structure as symbol of fragility is from the serie about the "Pandemia" that humanity is actually going through.

WE all ARE us 2021

If we peel just a bit off the human skin,pink is the color that remains…so pink is the color on the other side of the skin but also the color we use to express love and peace that i present in this artwork not only by the young girls’ portraits of various ethnical groups but also in the visual structure, the silhouette of the artwork as a « stupa » or temple. The transparent elements floating like on the faces of the girls talk about the disturbing things, political and social system, aspects that affect their everyday’s life, prejudices, believes, fears, weaknesses, disruptions.
Girls,women to become. Those who have the natural law to perpetuate and to care for other, are mostly underestimated, abused, forced to leave or killed.
Women should be respected as mother land that belongs to no-one. Women should also participate, have a work and take decisions. And Childs are the possibility of having a future (blue sky).
They both deserve peace, a home, education, trust and love.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Miroslava Ledo


Born 26-01-1964, Carúpano-Venezuela/ Spanish origins. Women artist, illustrator, photographer-designer and painting restorer. Studied 3 years of Biochemestry, 1-1/2 years of Anthropology at Central University of Venezuela, 3 years/ Graphic Design- Univ. Jose Maria Vargas and Experimental Etching in Caracas-Vzla. while started painting with well know artists. Then, she moved to Florence,Italy with a Fellowship of Foundation Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho to study Painting Restoration. Actually lives in Paris, France and works mostly in Contemporary art, artist’s books and shared projects with other artists. She’s been in Art Residencies (USA, Spain, France), Art workshops and Art Symposiums in the world. Exhibitions Gal+museums in America, Europe and Asia.
2012-ProyectoACE – Buenos Aires-Argentina.
-Geumgang Nature Art Biennale- Yatoo, Korea Art. Asso. – South KOREA.
2010-Beijing International Art Biennial. China

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